What Camere do you use to take your photos foryour Blog?
I use the Fujifinepix Hs20 Exr For all my blogposts and I will use this for youtube too. It is an amazing 16 megapixel camera although it is not as good as video so if the youtube videos i make are a little fuzzy, that is why :/

What Programme do you use to edit your photos?
I use Picassa3 or Photoshop CS5. Picasa is easy and amazing and Photoshop takea a little bit of work as it is verry verry complicated. I would suggest playing arround with photoshop before posting snything on a blog. It can be a little tricky...

Who designed your blog layout?
Me. I got insperation from Beauty Crush and Zoella :)

What made you start a blog?
Well a few months ago I was watching Misglamoratzi on youtube and she enspired me to get into all this sort of thing, then i satrted watching Fluer de force and then Beauty crush, it was not till fairly recently i discovered sprinkle of glitter and zoella. I then found that they had blogs too, now i keep updated on all of theyre blogs and love to read all about it. That is what enspired me to start my blog.

What do you use to read other blogs?
I use Bloglovin and just Blogger, they are good and easy ways to enjoy reading other peoples blogs :)

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